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  • Checklist Benin Map
    Benin Launch: the Checklist Team!
    After months of planning and weeks of organization, meetings, details, and more planning, this week we launched the Benin Checklist Project! If you’ve not heard of the Checklist project, check out  this blog (the Checklist Project ) that describe the Checklist and why it’s important!  The Checklist is a simple tool proven to decrease operating room ... more
  • Ponseti 1
    Lasting Impact: Ponseti Clinic
    An incredible example of what lasting impact looks like?  The Ponseti Clinic. We saw a need.  CHU Toamasina had the people, the space, and the desire to learn.  We gave them a place to do their work and the intensive mentoring needed to really capture not only knowledge and skills but attitudes towards patients, towards patient safety, towards ... more
  • J&J
    Essential Surgical Skills Course
    Last week saw the completion of the Essential Surgical Skills Course project in Antananarivo! 53 qualified surgeons and qualified trainees have completed the two-day course, run six times by volunteer instructors in partnership with the Association of Surgeons in Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI).  14 of those participants have also completed a ... more
  • Tana
    Almost There - a Checklist Update
    10,458 miles / 16,829 kilometers 20 weeks of teaching 21 hospitals 427 unique participants, 327 training hours 77 Lifebox Pulse-oximeters distributed We’re almost there.  The widest reaching, most expansive MCB initiative in Mercy Ships history has now offered safe surgical training in every regional referral hospital in the country.  The ... more
  • Training
    Biomed Graduation
    Some might call it a chance encounter; we would call it divine.  Hospital Director Kirstie Randall meets Medical Aid International Managing Director Tim Beacon in a restaurant in Antananarivo and from that meeting comes one of the most exciting and transformational projects in the short history of MCB. We’ve had the honor of partnering with Medical ... more
  • Krissy Close
    Follow Up
    Participants indicate they enjoy the training program, and they all say “Thank you” at the end; but does it really make a difference in their practice?  How about their hospital?  Are they able to actually use what they learn or are we just adding theoretical knowledge that is impractical for their environment? What are the obstacles they encounter in ... more
  • Transformation
    Leadership in a Living System
    This week we had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Elizabeth Sercombe from Evolute to offer a two-day Medical Leadership course to our friends and partners in transformation at CHU Toamasina.  The program, called  Leadership in a Living System  was an adventure for all involved!  Liz is a gifted teacher with a very interactive and creative ... more
  • WHO Checklist
    Happy New Year - a Checklist update
    Happy New Year from the MCB team - and it's already been a very Happy New Year for the Checklist team!  Great feedback, great follow-up, great things happening for this little team!  Antalaha and Sambava The team of Dr.  Linden Baxter , Dr. Hasina and Dr. Nandi  traveled back to the northern regions to visit Sambava and Antalaha hospitals, where the ... more
  • Biomed Participants
    Biomedical Technician Training Project
    I know I don’t need to explain to the medical professionals reading this just how important the Biomedical Technicians are!  I doubt any of you would disagree with the following statement: “The life of the patient is in the hands of the doctors, the nurses, and also the Biomeds.”  Andy Falconer, Training Facilitator ... more
  • HBB Group Photo
    Helping Babies Breathe
    In January of this year we piloted a program called Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) with Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs).  Click on the links for more information about them – in short, HBB is a simple newborn resuscitation program designed for low resource settings; we provided training to PCV’s working in remote health clinics and donated ... more
  • Checklist Teaching
    Nearly Halfway - a Checklist update
    The checklist team has traversed thousands of miles since they were launched from the ship on September 13 th !  These miles have not been easy.  There have been 2:30 wakeup calls to catch flights on tiny rattling planes; 12 hour days on pothole-filled washer board gravel roads in public transport not built for comfort or the lengths of Linden ... more
  • Thanks Ethicon!
    Essential Surgical Skills Course - Antananarivo
    The Essential Surgical Skills course, in partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons offers very practical, hands-on lessons and practice in knot tying, suturing, and handling and repair of different kinds of tissue.  Professor Samison, acting dean of the School of Medicine in ... more
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